Yocan Evolve Plus Arsenal Tool Edition Wax Pen Kit

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The new Arsenal Tool Edition is the latest special edition of the popular Evolve Plus wax pen.  It gets its name from the loading tool that is shaped like an M-16.  It is not just a gimmick though, the tool has a nice heft to it and is nice to use.  The real changes come to the pen itself.  

To start, the Arsenal Tool Edition uses a new Dual Quartz Rod coil that does not have a coil cap.  It still uses the same reliable battery from the Evolve Plus with the convenient built in dab jar in the base.  

The biggest change to the original design has to be the swing open top.  The mouthpiece actually swings open exposing the heating coil.  This makes loading the pen exceptionally easy.  This special edition brings some convenient and worthwhile updates to an already solidly designed wax pen.  

Features and Specifications
Dual Quartz Coil
Micro USB Charging
Built In Dab Jar
1100 mAh Battery Capacity

In The Box
1 - Yocan Evolve Plus Arsenal Tool Edition Wax Pen
2 - Dual Quartz Rod Coils (1 pre-installed)
1 - M-16 Loading Tool
1 - USB Charger


Arsenal Tool Edition Replacement Coils are available.  Replacement Coils from the original Evolve Plus will fit this pen without the coil cap if you prefer a ceramic donut coil.