XMAX V3 Pro Convection Vaporizer

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The new XMAX V3 Pro dry herb convection vaporizer has all the right moves with a price that that is almost unbelievable.  XMAX has been building high quality vaporizers for years.  The fit and finish and the materials they use make this device feel twice as expensive at least.  

The convection heating system is brilliant and means you have a lot more flexibility with this device.  You don't have to finely grind your material and pack the oven precisely full every time.  You can break off a chunk, toss it in, and vape away.  This heating system also reduces waste since heat isn't constantly being applied to the material.  When you draw through the device, it brings the heated air through the stainless steel oven to vaporize the material in an 'on demand' way.  Pair the convection heating with an isolated air path and stainless steel oven, and you get the purest of flavors from this beast.

The V3 Pro has power to spare.  This puppy with a full charge and a new battery is able to go for more than 10 sessions, or almost 1 hour of usage time.  But it gets better.  It is powered by a removable 18650 battery, so you just need to keep a charged up spare on hand and the party can keep on going.  You can also use the USB-C port to top off the battery quickly.

Did I say party?  Well this is perfect for that as well.  Out of the box, you will be in the 4 minute Session Mode.  You can easily change that to 6 minutes as well.  Don't worry, if you are just looking for a rip or two, you can also change it to On Demand Mode which means it will only heat up when you press and hold the button.  

The crisp OLED screen allows you to change the temp between 212° F and 428° F with the simple and intuitive 3 button configuration.  The magnetic mouthpiece makes loading and cleaning a piece of cake.  There is also a built in stir/scrape tool to make sure you are getting the most out of your herbs.  

Replacement Mouthpieces, Glass Adapters, Bubbler Mouthpieces, Silicone Adapters, and Screen Bags are available separately.

Convection Heating
Removable 18650 Battery
On Demand and Session Modes
Stainless Steel Oven

Heating Type:  Convection
Battery Type:  Replaceable 18650
Charge Type:  USB-C
Screen Type:  OLED
Materials:  Aluminum Alloy Outer Shell

In The Box
1 XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer
1 18650 Battery1 Wax Cup for Dry Concentrates
1 Cleaning Brush
1 USB-C Charging Cable
1 User Manual
Cotton Swabs
Alcohol Prep Pads