Seego V-hit King Dry Herb Vape Pen Kit

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Seego brings us another quality product with the V-hit King Dry Herb Atomizer. Roomy enough to hold a decent amount of material, yet small enough to not be unwieldy. A powerful coil produces serious combustion of material and produces satisfying clouds. A great product for those looking for a serious lungful in an electronic vaporizer. The Seego G-hit Gib-2 1300mah battery provides power customized specially for the V-hit King by the engineers at Seego. 

Huge Vapor: New coil design.
Controllable airflow: Four holes to choose for controlling airflow.
Filtration: Built in Seego filtration provides a more pure vapor.
Durable: Completely rebuildable so it can last forever.
Easy to Load: Super Easy loading system makes using a joy.
Advanced: Advanced Seego technology.
Intense: Designed for intense clouds.

Resistance: 1.1ohm
Battery Capacity: 1300mah
Recommended Voltage: 4.8V~5V 
Recommended Wattage: 15W-20W

In Box:

1 VHIT King Atomizer
1 Gib 2K Battery
1 Replacement Coil
1 USB Cable
1 Wall Charger
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Cleaning Tool

Replacement Coils, Replacement Filter ScreensReplacement Glass/Mouthpiece and Replacement Batteries available for the Seego V-hit King Dry Herb Vape Pen.