Seego G-hit GIB-2 1300mah Vape Pen Battery

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The Seego G-Hit Gib-2 1300mah battery offers a superior quality vaping battery with a clean finish to provide a great match for most stainless vaping tanks, including most Seego atomizers. Available in a standard (3.7v) and 'King' (4.2v) versions. The 'King' Version is designed to work with the Seego V-Hit King Dry Herb Atomizer, while the standard version works with most standard atomizers.

LED indicates charges level (0-2% red, 2%-50% blue, 50%-100% white)
Overcharge and Over-current Protection

Working Voltage: Aprox. 3.7V (Standard), Approx 4.2V (King)

1 G-hit Gib-2 1300mah Battery
1 Stainless Decorative Connector Ring