Herbstick Eco Dry Herb Vape Pen Kit

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The Herbstick brand brings us the Eco Dry Herb Mini Vaporizer Pen. The Eco's all metal body provides unparalleled durability while 6 unique temperature settings allow for clean vaping without combustion. Good airflow keeps the Eco at the top of many 'Best Dry Herb Pen' lists. A mesh diffuser and silicone mouthpiece prevent heat transfer to the mouth on extended vaping sessions. 

6 temperature settings, 6 different colors LED indicate different temperature. LED status lights<169°C Cyan; 170°-179°C Blue; 180°-189°C Green; 190°-199°C Purple; 200°-209°C Yellow; >210°C Red
Premium 2200mah battery for 100 minutes of use.
All Alloy body, stainless steel chamber.
Fresh air flow.
Silicone mouthpiece ensures an optimum temperature when using.

Battery: 2200mah
Chamber Size: 0.2-0.3g
Charge Time: 2.0-3.0 hours
Resistance: 0.5Ω-1Ω

1 Herbstick Eco Unit
2 Silicone Mouthpiece
5 Cleaning Tools
1 Micro USB Charger,
1 Brush
1 Cleaning Knife
1 Herbstick Eco Manual
1 Warranty Card