Ceramic Donut Wax and Dry Herb Atomizer - White/Black Ceramic/Glass Top

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Great airflow, long life, and taste benefits of a ceramic donut coil are the hallmarks of these atomizers. Available in a variety of specifications and styles they are a best selling atomizer with a generous compartment for wax or a modest amount of herbal material. Available in both black and white in a number of styles. 

Note: The regular bowl depth is approx 4mm. The 'Deep Bowl' version is approx 8.3mm.

Other vendors may list at higher wattage, and this coil will certainly handle substantial wattage, but we find you will get the best vaping experience, and longest lifespan by using this product at 15-20W.


Resistance: Ceramic Top: 0.7~0.9Ω, Glass Top: 0.5-0.7Ω
Recommended Wattage: 11-15W (using higher wattage may reduce coil lifespan)

Box Contains:

1 Ceramic Donut Atomizer

Deep Bowl Versions Also Include:
1 Silicone Tipped Dab Tool

NOTE: Does require sub-ohm capable battery. Ceramic donut coils are NOT compatible with temperature control and using temperature control with them can damage them. Be sure your temp control is off if you are using a temp control mod with this atomizer.