Bud Touch Vaporizer 280mah Starter Kit (Thick Oil)

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The original Bud Touch Vaporizer kit is a great choice for thick Oil vaping. The end of the battery has a tip specially made to work on touch screen devices. The easy to fill atomizer works great with thicker oils. 

1 touch pen function for your phone and tablet screen 
2.cool and charming
3.LED Light Indicator 
4. Large capacity

Package Includes:
Diameter: 9.6mm
Length :152mm
Tank atomizer can refil: 1.5ml
Battery Compacity : 280mAh
Normal working voltage:3.3-4.2V
Charge time :1.5—2 hours
Life of battery :over 300 charges             

1 battery
1 atomizer
1 usb charger
2 1ml empty bottle

Replacement Atomizers are also available.