BT-X8 Slim Thick Oil Vape Pen Kit

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The BT-X8 kit features the popular BT-X8 battery with 5 different voltage levels and a convenient preheating feature along with their CE ceramic coil tank.  The tank is a top fill design and is made of pyrex glass for added durability.  It also uses a ceramic coil to eliminate the bad taste of a burnt wick.  The preheating function applies low heat to the tank for 15 seconds to warm up thicker oils prior to vaping.  All you do is click the button twice for the preheating function to start.  

The BT-X8 also gives you 5 different options for voltage that are indicated by the color of the light surrounding the button.  Green is 2.6v, Blue is 2.8v, White is 3.0v, Purple is 3.2v, and Red is 3.5v.  To change the voltage, you just click the button 3 times and find the setting you want.  You can lock the battery with 5 quick clicks and unlock with the same.

Variable Voltage
Preheating For Thick Oils
Slim Profile
Ceramic Coil

Tank Capacity:  0.5ml
Coil Type:  Ceramic
Thread Type:  510 Thread
Battery Capacity:  300mAh
Working Voltage:  2.6v, 2.8v, 3.0v, 3.2v, or 3.5v

Important Note:
The tank is reverse threaded. Turn right to unscrew the mouthpiece. Turn left to tighten mouthpiece back onto atomizer.