GreenSound Ego II 2200mah Lumia Edition Vaping Battery

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Greensound Technology produces a superior vaping battery with the Ego II Lumia Edition Vaping Battery. The Lumia packs a massive 2200mah for all day-and-then-some vaping. This battery also features a beautiful piano baked finish that resists scratching and damage. They are available in a wide selection of colors with either gold of silver streaking for a battery that looks great while it outlasts all your friends.

Sized to fit, the Lumia edition is about the length of a standard 650mah battery which has been made fatter to improve hand feel and accommodate it's massive capacity.

Button lights up different colors to indicate life:
White: 100%-50%
Blue: 50%-25%
Red: 25%-0%
Flashing: Battery about to die charge immediately.

1 GS Ego II Lumia Edition 2200mah Battery